Colours of Penang 

Ohpoppu goes to Penang! We have wanting to there for the longest time! It’s a place where culture and modern art meets. The walk along the George Town was really exciting. This street is known for the wall murals which have been painted on old walls to give it a new lease of life.  And there we go, snap and snap and snap!

  Even the shutters/ door have some ingenious art.

 So many wall arts at every corner and oh so colourful!

  The welded wall caricature that bring comical and historical facts of Penang together.

 We even spotted an uncle using recycled materials like milk tins as drums! Now, isn’t that art in itself?

 Some wedding items which are of the not so conventional colours.

 Oh my, this takes the cake! It’s so innovative and immediately we thought of ABM’s weaved chair.

How awesome this trip had been! Check out that map.

A pink tank threatening to fire it’s arms.

We wonder if the boss of this place loves colours. Even the gas tank is red and mint yo!

Penang Street Food 2 

Penang Street Food

Penang Peranakan Mansion is another place worthy of a visit. It truly illustrates the rich culture of the Babas and Nyonyas, where it is a popular scene in Malaysia and Singapore for drama shows. We saw many wedding couples here for photoshoot as well!IMG_3578


clan jetty
Check out the Penang Clan Jetties – each of the jetty has a different surname of the clan. Families are still living on stilt houses, to stay rooted to their clan’s heritage.


Even this heritage spot is filled with colours, colours, colours everywhere! So many photography points!

What happy signs!

Such a nice short getaway if you are in Asia. Besides there are always budget flight tickets! 


Fabric Market in Nippori, Tokyo

Hello Ohpoppu-nation! We have showed you the Hong Kong Fabric Market, now for the one in Japan! It’s a feast for your eyes and senses!  

 Here we are, feeling oh-so-excited! We went to Tomato, it has been mentioned that if u never go to Tomato, it is as if you went to Paris and never visited the Eiffel Tower!

 Can never resist Japanese prints! 

 Did we mention how pretty they are?? Wait till you see the next photo!! 

 *Hyperventilates* Sanrio characters!!! Why so cute?! How can we not bring you home? In fact, we wanted to buy the whole place home! 

 Cannot decide? Put them all on one bag we say! Best of all worlds, hee!

 Some cutesy prints that you can purchase in smaller amounts. 

We only visited Tomato and some small shops along the way, if time is an issue, just drop by Tomato, it has everything! Otherwise, the following two blog links has more recommendations if you want to see more of the area. 

Tokyo Craft Guide and Blackcabbit.  

We say never miss this the next time you take a trip to Tokyo! 

Taichung: Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village (彩虹眷村)

Welcome to the Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village (彩虹眷村)! On our trip to Taichung, Taiwan, we were there on an artistic tour to view the works by Mr Huang.   
A little bit of the background, he was born in HK and he used to fight against Communists in Mainland China. After Kuo-min-tang, the ruling party of R.O.C. at that time, lost the Chinese Civil War, he retreated to Taiwan with KMT military and stayed in this village permanently. 
In 2008, he came out of an idea to paint the wall with various colors. Starting from his house, he gradually finished the whole block. He didn’t have a particular theme. Aircrafts, pandas, buffalos, birds or anything on the newspaper is his painting inspiration. 
In the demolishing and replacing program for military dependent’s village, the rainbow village was planned to be torn down years ago. However, more and more artists and tourists came here for joint creation and photography, asking the government to preserve this village.
Taichung mayor’s email box was jammed by thousands of petitions. Eventually, this village was saved and became one of the most popular attractions in Taichung.   
When entering into this village, we were totally overwhelmed with every little details of the paintings. 

       Every part of the village, the roof, the walls, the floor even the staircase is painted with happy colours!        With this little passion that the old grandpa has, he created history, a piece of art that attracts people from around the world. 

When you are in Taichung, do drop by to this colourful village, get inspired and support the passionate old grandpa! 

Happy Walls

Our obsession with photographing walls, murals, floors and pretty much everything starts with Instagram. We know everyone loves seeing pretty feeds, so do we!

On our recent trip to Hong Kong and Macau how can we not photograph them?

2015/04/img_1125.jpg The Air Bnb home for the trip. We weren’t expecting this when we booked it, oh wells. At least we lived like a local. (Heh)

2015/04/img_1126.jpg Doesn’t it look like what you would see in the Hong Kong police serials?

2015/04/img_1127.jpg This greets us once we got to Old Taipa Street in Macau. The whole wall of the building was filled!

2015/04/img_1128.jpg Shows multi generation and races having fun together.

2015/04/img_1129.jpg Did you spot this painted electric box in the previous photo? So cool they even painted this!

2015/04/img_1132.jpgMajor love this happy wall! Some of you might have seen this on Ohpoppu’s Instagram feed before.

We are always in awe of these murals. Even in Singapore, there are many doodles and wall murals too! We have spotted them in shopping malls and not forgetting Haji Lane! That will be for another day!

What’s your photography obsession?

Fabric Market in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

We were planning where to go in Hong Kong and was scouring through blogs and itineraries when we chanced upon Hey Kumo’s blog.

We followed her directions: Access: Take the train to Sham Shui Po station and exit via A2 towards Apliu market. Head straight (the direction) towards Ki Lung street, and you will find it!

However, the whole area from the Mtr exit to the stated place already had so many shops to detract us. In the end, we don’t even know if we have reached the correct place but we already spent hours and arms full of cloth.

2015/03/img_0907.jpg Not many shops sell fabric by the yard, most of them need to preorder of a day or two and only in bulk.

2015/03/img_0906.jpg Spot the fabric samples on the left side of the shop, those are for preorder only. But it’s okay, we went mad buying what we can buy. 😆

2015/03/img_0904.jpg Japanese inspired prints.

2015/03/img_0900.jpg Funky messy prints, good for patching and sofa cushions IMO.

2015/03/img_0899.jpg Very Muji feel kind of patterns, good for tea towels?

All these fabric were of good material and cheap! It’s about sgd$5 per yard. How not to buy?! But it was mad heavy.

2015/03/img_0901.jpg This would jazz up some plain top, what say you?


2015/03/img_0902.jpg Some other knick knacks we got, however no photography was allowed in most shops so no photos of the selection. It was mind boggling the selection that if you have no clear objective what you want it for and what you want to do with it, you wouldn’t be able to decide!

It is definitely a place to visit, even if you are not interested in fabric, they have shops full of buttons or charms, if that’s still not a reason to visit, well, it’s a good photography spot!

2015/03/img_0905.jpg See what I mean? Oh, do look out for upcoming diy projects with these fabrics!

[Travels] Kukup Weekend trip

We went for a short getaway to Kukup during the weekend, Kukup is a small fishing village in the southwest of Johor Bahru, it is a short distance, about 1.5 hours from Singapore depending on the traffic at the customs.

Kukup is ideal for families and large group of friends, not so much of a romantic couple getaway place as their accommodation are mostly bungalows with several bunk beds.

We got a deal for $98 sgd including transport to and from Singapore, 2 lunch, teabreak, dinner, travel insurance and accommodation. What a steal!

20150110_110014_1Clear skies and smooth traffic all the way.

20150110_110040_1Funky Motorbike

20150110_123008_1Keropok being sundried before frying. Yums.

20150111_102901_1Unexplanable serenity at Kukup, maybe for us urbanites, having nothing to do is a luxury in itself. Just looking at the mud skippers beneath and sun setting calms the mind a lot, it gives you a space to think.



Wishes written on the 孔明灯 in hope that it will come true.


20150110_113427_1Cooling off with a coconut pudding and colourful potong ice creams.20150111_120809_1 And spots the colourful pillars! Looks yummy! That’s about our little weekend trip. We definitely come back again to free ourselves from the city for a little while.