Paper Crepe Anemones

Mother’s Day is just round the corner and as promised, we made crepe flowers using the Ruffled Blog as inspiration.

2015/04/img_1349.jpg Major love how the anemones turned out! So, let’s get on to how we turn these from paper to flowers!

2015/04/img_1345.jpg There are templates in the Ruffled Blog and we used the largest one, though we think the smaller ones might have been cuter!

2015/04/img_1348.jpg Cut squares so you can stack them up and cut many flower petals at one go. (Lazy us!) After you have the petals, fold half and make a slit, fold half the other way and slit it again so u wan a cross slit.

2015/04/img_1329.jpg Next, use black crepe paper and use it to cover a tiny ball of cotton, the size is entirely up to you to make it relative to the petal size. Have another strip of black crepe paper and fringe cut it and then roll it around the black cotton ball

2015/04/img_1347.jpg And then insert it into the incision you made on your petals earlier, we used two petals per flower.

2015/04/img_1330.jpg We then used the thinnest wire to secure everything together followed by green taping it to a stem.

2015/04/img_1332.jpg We’re done, almost. That’s a petal template we used.

2015/04/img_1331-0.jpgEvery woman loves a bouquet and so we used kraft paper and twine to give it a rustic look. It’s now done and ready for your mommy!


Happy Walls

Our obsession with photographing walls, murals, floors and pretty much everything starts with Instagram. We know everyone loves seeing pretty feeds, so do we!

On our recent trip to Hong Kong and Macau how can we not photograph them?

2015/04/img_1125.jpg The Air Bnb home for the trip. We weren’t expecting this when we booked it, oh wells. At least we lived like a local. (Heh)

2015/04/img_1126.jpg Doesn’t it look like what you would see in the Hong Kong police serials?

2015/04/img_1127.jpg This greets us once we got to Old Taipa Street in Macau. The whole wall of the building was filled!

2015/04/img_1128.jpg Shows multi generation and races having fun together.

2015/04/img_1129.jpg Did you spot this painted electric box in the previous photo? So cool they even painted this!

2015/04/img_1132.jpgMajor love this happy wall! Some of you might have seen this on Ohpoppu’s Instagram feed before.

We are always in awe of these murals. Even in Singapore, there are many doodles and wall murals too! We have spotted them in shopping malls and not forgetting Haji Lane! That will be for another day!

What’s your photography obsession?

D’Kranji Farm Resort Farmers Market

Ohpoppu went to the farmer’s market organised by D’Kranji Farm Resort over the weekend. We were tasked with helping our friend style her booth. It was quite a last minute task and we didn’t have much time to meet up to brainstorm, not to mention buy materials, so we made do mostly with what we had. 2015/03/img_0342.jpgWe chose to place raw materials Soap Paradise uses in her soaps to give it a natural and rustic feel. 2015/03/img_0357.jpgFree smells for all! 2015/03/img_0354.jpgDon’t the tops make them look like edible cakes? 2015/03/img_0355.jpgSoap Paradise featured on Her World. 2015/03/img_0399.jpg The colours were chosen to be light pink/ white and using mostly woody items to enhance her soap’s visual instead of clashing with it. We had very positive feedback and comments about our display and we are so proud of ourselves! It gives us even greater motivation to do even better. What’s a farmer’s market without fresh produce? 2015/03/img_0395.jpgSpreads and infused oils. 2015/03/img_0398.jpgJapanese cabbage, so huge and going at only $5, they were quickly snapped up. 2015/03/img_0397.jpgMushrooms from one of the nearby farms. 2015/03/img_0396.jpgFresh veggies for sale! Ps. The corn was super sweet and fat! This whole area is so rural and peaceful, it’s like you never knew such a place could exist in Singapore, if you have time over the weekend, bring your family and check out the different farms around the area, they have shuttle buses running. We loved the market, we loved the weather, we loved what we did and still love what we are doing and that’s most important right? Happy Monday all!

Sunday Market

We stumbled upon this cafe during lunch time, how can we not be attracted by that smiley poster? wpid-20150309_115955_1.jpgAt the bottom of the poster it says “Imagination is the beginning of Creation”. Love that they injected such personal touches in an otherwise bought off the store poster. wpid-20150309_120039_1.jpgOnce you walk into the cafe, it feels warm yet they are able to incorporate colors to brighten up the place.wpid-20150309_120332_1.jpgIt feels like an industrial chic theme to me.wpid-20150309_131616_1.jpgLove the vintage chair/ stool cushions!wpid-20150309_121212_1.jpgBut mafirst, Coffee! wpid-20150309_120950_1.jpgSuper love the table numbers!wpid-20150309_121025_1.jpgEvery part of the cafe is photo worthy.

And the best part of it all? It’s super affordable and the food is creative, just like the interior. We will be back!
Ps. Check out their promo below! ūüĎá

MARCH Weekday Set Lunch Promotion:
Duck Pasta + Choice of Beverage + Ice-cream: $12.90++.
Fish & Chipper + Choice of Beverage + Ice-cream: $12.90++.

lunch setSunday Market
22 Lim Tua Tow Road
Singapore 547772

Opening hours:
Monday – Tuesday: 12pm – 10pm
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 12pm – 10pm
Friday: 12pm – 11pm
Saturday: 9.30am-11pm
Sunday: 9.30am – 9pm

Happier Hour!

This event organised by Public Garden brought us back to Tanjong Pagar Railway station, which has been closed since 2011. However, fret not, it will be opened to public every public holiday from 20th Feb 2015 or you can visit like we did during special events!

The sun was setting when we arrived, and the event was just starting.

2015/03/img_9933.jpg Happier Hour held at such a nostalgic place must have matchy nostalgic visual system. How many of you remember this from your schooling days?

2015/03/img_9926.jpg And the shopping begins. Some hard to resist accessories by Foundry and Co. Loved the packaging in a glass bottle.

2015/03/img_9928.jpg An old school metal-mug-lookalike replica in ceramic brought in by The Wonder Folks.

2015/03/img_9931.jpg How do we resist the oh so cute/ sweet handmade crocheted reed sticks by Flipping Notes

2015/03/img_9932.jpg Alive and Live are closing down their shop so they were having a 5 pieces above at $4 each promotion, grab !

2015/03/img_9923-0.jpg What’s a trip to a railway station without the mandatory track shot ? We really enjoyed ourselves at the flea, not just the location but also inspired by many of the owners. Support handmade, support local!

Festive Designs We Love!

With Valentine’s and Chinese New Year round the corner, we are seeing many sweet, romantic, colorful poppin’ ideas/ inspirations around.

They got us in the mood to want to try and remake them!

Perfect Match Printable Matchbox Valentine | DESIGN IS YAY

via Design is Yay Рyummy Pocky sticks, need we say more?

Cocktail sugar - pink red hearts drink rimming sugar - signature drink martini recipes included

via Dellcovespices¬†–¬†perfect for a romantic night cap.

Heart Balloon Valentine | 14 Awesome Candy-Free Valentines | Oh Happy Day

via Ohhappyday¬†–¬†last minute card ideas!


via A Beautiful Mess Рwe totally heart this one!

Á¶Ź Happiness Pin

via Wheniwasfour Рwe all need all the luck we can get!


via Martha Stewart Рso apt for CNY

DIY Itty Bitty Pineapples

via Studio Diy¬†– what’s CNY without pineapples? Ong Lai (dialect for pineapple) means luck/money rolling in.


via raspberricupcakes Рthese traditional lanterns can be found hanging at the door of every Chinese household during CNY.

Did you realize that there’s 8 poppin’ ideas? 8 is an auspicious number for Chinese especially during Chinese New Year, how coincidental? So here’s wishing everyone a Happy¬†Valentine’s day, Friendship day and New Year! May everyone be surrounded by love and happiness in the coming year!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – For the Girlfriend

You might think your girlfriend has everything, but then to us, one more of something wouldn’t hurt! (have you read Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella?) So, what’s our pick for this Valentine’s Day?

Vday Girl Gift Guide

find these items: 1. KeepCup from Naiise, 2. Bucket Bag from Mansur Gavriel, 3. Lipstick from Tomford, 4. Kate Spade watch from ShopBop, 5. Floral Maxi from Love Bonito, 6. #Girlboss book by Sophia Amoruso from Amazon