Crepe Paper Flower Inspiration

Mother’s Day is round the corner and what better way than presenting mum with flowers? We thought that instead of giving real flowers which only stay colourful for a few days, we should use our crafty hands to create something instead! We have recently acquired some very colourful crepe papers which we can put to good use! 😉

It tulips season now, there are loads of tulips crepe paper tutorial, it was so hard for us to choose the one which looks the nicest and was the easiest to do!


Lia Griffith Handcraft Your Life


Ruffled Blog Crepe Paper Anemones


StudioDiy Giant Paper Roses


CraftBerryBush Crepe Paper Sunflowers

We are so excited to start making this weekend! Which tutorial should we follow? Which flower should we make? What colours should we use? Decisions, decisions. Whee~!


Inspirational Monday!

Ride through your dreams-01How was the weekend for everyone? For us it’s been a weekend full of spring cleaning and finding more inspirations!

It’s been about 2 months since we started Ohpoppu. While we are glad that we finally took a step to actually do something, we are also struggling about what to post next, what to post to Instagram or Facebook, how should we phrase our posts, how should we take our photos?

And on top of that, time is a huge stumbling block for us, both of us are so caught up with our individuals lives, commitments that it is so hard for us to meet up for craft sessions, or just to discuss about our direction.

Yes, we are still not entirely crystal clear about our direction. We started Ohpoppu just because we like handcrafting things. Many have asked what’s Ohpoppu about, why do we do this, what do we want to get out of it? Pardon us if we haven’t been able to give you all a clear cut answer as well because we are just enjoying ourselves right now with the hope that we can inspire others to do so too, with just an easy craft, a handwritten card, we can brighten up someone’s day. The world can be such a better place!

We will continue to ride on and push through with Ohpoppu and bring to you all bigger better crafts! (And also get to get that end goal figured out 😉 )

Don’t stop believing unless your dream is stupid, then get a better dream. Watch a pep talk from a kid, inspiring and yet cuts through with his honesty.

Happy Monday y’all!

Inspirational Monday

Hello all! It’s Monday! Have you thought of what you can do better this week?

Some point in my life, I felt lost. Asking myself what do I really want in my life, how to keep myself motivated. Thus, I went through a coaching session with my friend, I was told to create a vision statement for myself, to ask myself what are the things that I’m lack of, or what do I really want to see myself in the next 3 to 5 years. I thought, nah.. this is the typical irritating interview question again, but I told myself, I got to be serious this time. At the age of 28, I have no time to lose. Something needs to be done. And so I found a little time at a quiet space, to ponder about it and come up with a sentence. After which, I think about the different elements that will lead to my vision.

And here comes the fun part, create a vision visual board! As a left brain person, I process my thoughts through visualization. You can print, cut, paste pictures that motivate you, that will lead you to your vision. And place somewhere that you be able to see it everyday! Of course, staring it everyday will not make a difference in your life, SEE it and work on it!

So here is my vision, do get started on yours! image

Inspirational Monday

Today we celebrate a birthday here at Ohpoppu, Happy Birthday Sherlyn! A year older a year wiser. 😘

Photo credit of Smartschoolhouse

Is it February already? Time really waits for no man. So what have we been up to? We at Ohpoppu have been struggling with finding time to come together and do more crafts for all of you.

We love looking through Instagram and Pinterest to find inspiration on what to do next. Our list of to-dos is just getting longer! And February is going to be yet an exciting (and gluttony 🐽) month with Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day! Stay happy this month and don’t forget smiles are freeee!


Inspirational Monday – Singapore Art Week

Last week Singapore held her annual art week. It was a whole week of activities and just arty arty stuffs. How could we miss out right? We saw some art, most we didn’t understand but tried to feel.

Colorful pieces which we adore.

Even the cover of drains can be made into art! When you free your mind, the possibilities are endless.

We went to Gilman Barracks, even the venue was so tastefully done up.

There were murals all around.


And even a mural/ graffiti wall for professionals and doodlers alike.

Can you spot the Art After Dark word? Someone added a F in front of the art, sneaky sneaky!
We also left our prints there.

Art is all about just doing what you like and what you think is beautiful. Never barricade yourself or set limits.


Inspirational Monday

The traveling itch seems to get stronger as we start to get more overwhelmed with work.
Everyone says a trip will re-energise and recharge you, but do you know that no one needs a trip more badly than the one who just had? Tee hee..

We definitely agree with this, never think you need to save save save until you have enough to go for a long good trip, because what if by that time you are already say 50 years old, can you still climb a mountain? Walk the Great Wall of China? Or dive in the Maldives?

We would say just go on short trips, travel budget if you have not enough moolah.. Because traveling let’s you see the world and either make you want to appreciate your own environment more or change your perspective about the way you see life.

What are you travel plans for 2015?

Inspirational Monday

Doesn’t the week just fly past your eyes? It’s Monday again! Did you accomplish what you set out to do for the week?

Over the weekend we went to the library and found some interesting books. By the way did you know that library@orchard is open again in Orchard Gateway at Somerset? And for the month of Jan 2015, each IC gets to borrow up to 16 books! How cool is that! Plus they are all new or almost new. Remember to bring a bigger bag though. =x

A book that we came across talks about creating happiness through creativity. Creativity can make everyday life interesting, and everyone is capable of creativity and happiness, no matter how big or small, but everyone has their own path to take. So why not start on a new project now? The satisfaction and happiness will be worth it.

what is happiness 2