Family Day Fun

So we had a chance to participate in the decoration part of a family day event. We had months of preparation and endless meetings. Though we enjoyed it thoroughly, we also noted some points on which we can improve on in future.  

Beautiful chaos during one of our assembling sessions.


Happy coupons for all!


And.. It’s up on the actual day! Love the carnival-ish colours.

One of the food collection point. Note to us: never underestimate the height of the set up and overestimate the size of our signs. 😆

Last min heart stopping save for the stage area. We only got to know that the dimensions had been changed to become bigger – which makes our banner smaller and not enough to cover the whole backing.

Look at the colourful streamers at the side of the main stage banner! 😍 Not forgetting to mention the tees worn by all the committee, don’t we all scream happy colours?

The decorations might have just been showcased for a few hours, but the correspondence that came with the banners, coupons, information, videos etc had to be proof read, edited, colour coordinated so many times. In the end it was all worth it we say!


Fabric Market in Nippori, Tokyo

Hello Ohpoppu-nation! We have showed you the Hong Kong Fabric Market, now for the one in Japan! It’s a feast for your eyes and senses!  

 Here we are, feeling oh-so-excited! We went to Tomato, it has been mentioned that if u never go to Tomato, it is as if you went to Paris and never visited the Eiffel Tower!

 Can never resist Japanese prints! 

 Did we mention how pretty they are?? Wait till you see the next photo!! 

 *Hyperventilates* Sanrio characters!!! Why so cute?! How can we not bring you home? In fact, we wanted to buy the whole place home! 

 Cannot decide? Put them all on one bag we say! Best of all worlds, hee!

 Some cutesy prints that you can purchase in smaller amounts. 

We only visited Tomato and some small shops along the way, if time is an issue, just drop by Tomato, it has everything! Otherwise, the following two blog links has more recommendations if you want to see more of the area. 

Tokyo Craft Guide and Blackcabbit.  

We say never miss this the next time you take a trip to Tokyo! 

Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hello all! It’s been awhile, and father’s day is just round the corner so let’s look at some gift ideas for that fabulous dapper dad!


A card is always the sweetest gift we can gift to our dads. Tutorial by CraftyMorning.


Next up is a handmade tile with your dad’s favourite place or it could be a selfie you took with him! See custom handmade tiles by Brit t Co.


A carry all passport holder for all the knick knacks by Invite.L.


Now, which dad doesn’t fancy a tech gadget- Asus transformer book.

Dads, although they don’t normally express themselves as much as mums do, but they are always toiling for the family and on top of the gift, don’t forget that hug and that “I love you dad”.

DIY Watermelon Pouch

first picLet’s start! First, layout the materials needed to create this fruit pouch.1

Next, download the template from You and Mie and cut out the felt needed. The shape of the inner lining should be the same as the green felt.For the seeds, pin the black dots to the red felt and sew it. To position the red felt, you can fold the pieces into half and line them up following the centre marks and sew them together!  Pin the yellow piece along the sewing lines of the red piece.   Here comes the challenging part. Let’s go slow.. Place 1 piece of the lining facing up, then the zipper facing down, and the watermelon facing down with green side up. Sew the inner lining, zipper and green felt together along the top.  When done, pull down the both pieces and do the same for the other edge of the zipper.   Bring both pieces of inner lining to one side and both pieces of the watermelon to the other side. Un-zip the zipper at least halfway so that you can turn it once it is stitched.   The zipper should be pinned towards the inner lining. Stitch along the edges of the inner lining and felt. Remember to leave an opening on the inner lining so that you can turn it to the correct side. After stitched, trim off the excess edges. The most exciting part! Turn over the pouch! Remember to pull out the unstitched inner lining, sew it and give it a nice closure. And ta-dah! You are done!  Pair it with colour popping dress and accessories and you will brighten up any place!

Paper Crepe Anemones

Mother’s Day is just round the corner and as promised, we made crepe flowers using the Ruffled Blog as inspiration.

2015/04/img_1349.jpg Major love how the anemones turned out! So, let’s get on to how we turn these from paper to flowers!

2015/04/img_1345.jpg There are templates in the Ruffled Blog and we used the largest one, though we think the smaller ones might have been cuter!

2015/04/img_1348.jpg Cut squares so you can stack them up and cut many flower petals at one go. (Lazy us!) After you have the petals, fold half and make a slit, fold half the other way and slit it again so u wan a cross slit.

2015/04/img_1329.jpg Next, use black crepe paper and use it to cover a tiny ball of cotton, the size is entirely up to you to make it relative to the petal size. Have another strip of black crepe paper and fringe cut it and then roll it around the black cotton ball

2015/04/img_1347.jpg And then insert it into the incision you made on your petals earlier, we used two petals per flower.

2015/04/img_1330.jpg We then used the thinnest wire to secure everything together followed by green taping it to a stem.

2015/04/img_1332.jpg We’re done, almost. That’s a petal template we used.

2015/04/img_1331-0.jpgEvery woman loves a bouquet and so we used kraft paper and twine to give it a rustic look. It’s now done and ready for your mommy!

Crepe Paper Flower Inspiration

Mother’s Day is round the corner and what better way than presenting mum with flowers? We thought that instead of giving real flowers which only stay colourful for a few days, we should use our crafty hands to create something instead! We have recently acquired some very colourful crepe papers which we can put to good use! 😉

It tulips season now, there are loads of tulips crepe paper tutorial, it was so hard for us to choose the one which looks the nicest and was the easiest to do!


Lia Griffith Handcraft Your Life


Ruffled Blog Crepe Paper Anemones


StudioDiy Giant Paper Roses


CraftBerryBush Crepe Paper Sunflowers

We are so excited to start making this weekend! Which tutorial should we follow? Which flower should we make? What colours should we use? Decisions, decisions. Whee~!

DIY leather pouch

We decided to make our own leather pouch since it’s so expensive to buy from outside don’t you agree? We upcycled the leather from a sofa.

Laying out the tools needed.
– Pouch Template
– Leather
– Fabric Scissors or Rotary Cutter
– Ruler
– Pencil
– Pen Knife
– Sewing machine and thread
– Ball head screwback studs
– Permanent paint markers (optional)

Now let’s start measuring and drawing out the shape and size needed.

Putting the rotary cutter to good use.

You can either choose to go classic or with patterns. We chose to dot ours with a silver marker.

Next, fold the leather, dots will be inside but don’t worry we will be flipping it outwards later. Sew them together leaving 1cm from the edge.
Use a fabric scissors to trim close to the stitch and also the corners.
Turn the pouch right side out. Fold down the flip and mark a spot and use scissors to make a slit.
Use the leather hole punch to make a hole and insert the stud.

And ta-dah we are done!