Colours of Penang 

Ohpoppu goes to Penang! We have wanting to there for the longest time! It’s a place where culture and modern art meets. The walk along the George Town was really exciting. This street is known for the wall murals which have been painted on old walls to give it a new lease of life.  And there we go, snap and snap and snap!

  Even the shutters/ door have some ingenious art.

 So many wall arts at every corner and oh so colourful!

  The welded wall caricature that bring comical and historical facts of Penang together.

 We even spotted an uncle using recycled materials like milk tins as drums! Now, isn’t that art in itself?

 Some wedding items which are of the not so conventional colours.

 Oh my, this takes the cake! It’s so innovative and immediately we thought of ABM’s weaved chair.

How awesome this trip had been! Check out that map.

A pink tank threatening to fire it’s arms.

We wonder if the boss of this place loves colours. Even the gas tank is red and mint yo!

Penang Street Food 2 

Penang Street Food

Penang Peranakan Mansion is another place worthy of a visit. It truly illustrates the rich culture of the Babas and Nyonyas, where it is a popular scene in Malaysia and Singapore for drama shows. We saw many wedding couples here for photoshoot as well!IMG_3578


clan jetty
Check out the Penang Clan Jetties – each of the jetty has a different surname of the clan. Families are still living on stilt houses, to stay rooted to their clan’s heritage.


Even this heritage spot is filled with colours, colours, colours everywhere! So many photography points!

What happy signs!

Such a nice short getaway if you are in Asia. Besides there are always budget flight tickets! 


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