Family Day Fun

So we had a chance to participate in the decoration part of a family day event. We had months of preparation and endless meetings. Though we enjoyed it thoroughly, we also noted some points on which we can improve on in future.  

Beautiful chaos during one of our assembling sessions.


Happy coupons for all!


And.. It’s up on the actual day! Love the carnival-ish colours.

One of the food collection point. Note to us: never underestimate the height of the set up and overestimate the size of our signs. 😆

Last min heart stopping save for the stage area. We only got to know that the dimensions had been changed to become bigger – which makes our banner smaller and not enough to cover the whole backing.

Look at the colourful streamers at the side of the main stage banner! 😍 Not forgetting to mention the tees worn by all the committee, don’t we all scream happy colours?

The decorations might have just been showcased for a few hours, but the correspondence that came with the banners, coupons, information, videos etc had to be proof read, edited, colour coordinated so many times. In the end it was all worth it we say!


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