The name of the cafe reminded us of the Wheel of Fortune game show and the deco of the place also transported us back to the 80s.

 Such a cute and catchy name though it becomes quite a mouthful.😆

 Exterior of the cafe, some pieces look like they are from our grandparent’s house.

 Pre-loved pieces. There must be a karang guni in the house.

 It looks like they are avid collectors of everything.

 We wonder where they got their pieces from.

Their food menu seems quite unique, like a fusion of different cooking styles.

 Mixed root chips, a healthy starter. Sort of. 😁

 Duck confit was not bad.

 Salmon with some pasta. A little too salty for our liking.

 The cakes were topped with crumbs which added texture to it.  The cakes were baked in house which was a win-win for us.

 Such a cuteeee sign!

 They even sell some knick knacks.

 And that’s just us, being Happy!

Thumbs up for trying to put a new spin on the otherwise repetitive cafe menus, however it was nothing to shout about and it is slightly on the pricey side.

We loved the vibes and decoration of the place and would definitely be back to try that kopi avocado! 😜


111 King George’s Ave, Singapore 208559

Tel: +65 6291 2698

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm (Tues-Sun) Closed Mon


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