Fabric Market in Nippori, Tokyo

Hello Ohpoppu-nation! We have showed you the Hong Kong Fabric Market, now for the one in Japan! It’s a feast for your eyes and senses!  

 Here we are, feeling oh-so-excited! We went to Tomato, it has been mentioned that if u never go to Tomato, it is as if you went to Paris and never visited the Eiffel Tower!

 Can never resist Japanese prints! 

 Did we mention how pretty they are?? Wait till you see the next photo!! 

 *Hyperventilates* Sanrio characters!!! Why so cute?! How can we not bring you home? In fact, we wanted to buy the whole place home! 

 Cannot decide? Put them all on one bag we say! Best of all worlds, hee!

 Some cutesy prints that you can purchase in smaller amounts. 

We only visited Tomato and some small shops along the way, if time is an issue, just drop by Tomato, it has everything! Otherwise, the following two blog links has more recommendations if you want to see more of the area. 

Tokyo Craft Guide and Blackcabbit.  

We say never miss this the next time you take a trip to Tokyo! 


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