Taichung: Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village (彩虹眷村)

Welcome to the Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village (彩虹眷村)! On our trip to Taichung, Taiwan, we were there on an artistic tour to view the works by Mr Huang.   
A little bit of the background, he was born in HK and he used to fight against Communists in Mainland China. After Kuo-min-tang, the ruling party of R.O.C. at that time, lost the Chinese Civil War, he retreated to Taiwan with KMT military and stayed in this village permanently. 
In 2008, he came out of an idea to paint the wall with various colors. Starting from his house, he gradually finished the whole block. He didn’t have a particular theme. Aircrafts, pandas, buffalos, birds or anything on the newspaper is his painting inspiration. 
In the demolishing and replacing program for military dependent’s village, the rainbow village was planned to be torn down years ago. However, more and more artists and tourists came here for joint creation and photography, asking the government to preserve this village.
Taichung mayor’s email box was jammed by thousands of petitions. Eventually, this village was saved and became one of the most popular attractions in Taichung.   
When entering into this village, we were totally overwhelmed with every little details of the paintings. 

       Every part of the village, the roof, the walls, the floor even the staircase is painted with happy colours!        With this little passion that the old grandpa has, he created history, a piece of art that attracts people from around the world. 

When you are in Taichung, do drop by to this colourful village, get inspired and support the passionate old grandpa! 


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