DIY Watermelon Pouch

first picLet’s start! First, layout the materials needed to create this fruit pouch.1

Next, download the template from You and Mie and cut out the felt needed. The shape of the inner lining should be the same as the green felt.For the seeds, pin the black dots to the red felt and sew it. To position the red felt, you can fold the pieces into half and line them up following the centre marks and sew them together!  Pin the yellow piece along the sewing lines of the red piece.   Here comes the challenging part. Let’s go slow.. Place 1 piece of the lining facing up, then the zipper facing down, and the watermelon facing down with green side up. Sew the inner lining, zipper and green felt together along the top.  When done, pull down the both pieces and do the same for the other edge of the zipper.   Bring both pieces of inner lining to one side and both pieces of the watermelon to the other side. Un-zip the zipper at least halfway so that you can turn it once it is stitched.   The zipper should be pinned towards the inner lining. Stitch along the edges of the inner lining and felt. Remember to leave an opening on the inner lining so that you can turn it to the correct side. After stitched, trim off the excess edges. The most exciting part! Turn over the pouch! Remember to pull out the unstitched inner lining, sew it and give it a nice closure. And ta-dah! You are done!  Pair it with colour popping dress and accessories and you will brighten up any place!


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