Paper Crepe Anemones

Mother’s Day is just round the corner and as promised, we made crepe flowers using the Ruffled Blog as inspiration.

2015/04/img_1349.jpg Major love how the anemones turned out! So, let’s get on to how we turn these from paper to flowers!

2015/04/img_1345.jpg There are templates in the Ruffled Blog and we used the largest one, though we think the smaller ones might have been cuter!

2015/04/img_1348.jpg Cut squares so you can stack them up and cut many flower petals at one go. (Lazy us!) After you have the petals, fold half and make a slit, fold half the other way and slit it again so u wan a cross slit.

2015/04/img_1329.jpg Next, use black crepe paper and use it to cover a tiny ball of cotton, the size is entirely up to you to make it relative to the petal size. Have another strip of black crepe paper and fringe cut it and then roll it around the black cotton ball

2015/04/img_1347.jpg And then insert it into the incision you made on your petals earlier, we used two petals per flower.

2015/04/img_1330.jpg We then used the thinnest wire to secure everything together followed by green taping it to a stem.

2015/04/img_1332.jpg We’re done, almost. That’s a petal template we used.

2015/04/img_1331-0.jpgEvery woman loves a bouquet and so we used kraft paper and twine to give it a rustic look. It’s now done and ready for your mommy!


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