Pancakes Pancakes!

It’s the weekends! The day when you can wake up to the smell of pancakes wafting through the house.

Pancakes are soooo easy to make that we always feel cheated when we order it at cafés.

We used the recipe from JustOneCookBook, they have many other awesome Japanese food recipes, do check them out!

2015/04/img_1244.jpg First up, the ingredients needed can all be bought from the supermarket. For a healthier version, you can always swap out to use organic whole wheat flour. We swapped out the buttermilk with yoghurt, feel free to play around with your ingredients!

You can even make a big batch of batter, portion out in bags and freeze it. Whenever you feel like eating just put a pack into hot water to thaw the batter and then cook it as usual!

In just minutes, viola! Top it with fresh fruits or berries, drizzle with honey or maple syrup and you have a perfect homemade breakfast, giving cafés a run for their money!

Try it and surprise your family or loved ones with a breakfast made with love. 🙂


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