Happy Walls

Our obsession with photographing walls, murals, floors and pretty much everything starts with Instagram. We know everyone loves seeing pretty feeds, so do we!

On our recent trip to Hong Kong and Macau how can we not photograph them?

2015/04/img_1125.jpg The Air Bnb home for the trip. We weren’t expecting this when we booked it, oh wells. At least we lived like a local. (Heh)

2015/04/img_1126.jpg Doesn’t it look like what you would see in the Hong Kong police serials?

2015/04/img_1127.jpg This greets us once we got to Old Taipa Street in Macau. The whole wall of the building was filled!

2015/04/img_1128.jpg Shows multi generation and races having fun together.

2015/04/img_1129.jpg Did you spot this painted electric box in the previous photo? So cool they even painted this!

2015/04/img_1132.jpgMajor love this happy wall! Some of you might have seen this on Ohpoppu’s Instagram feed before.

We are always in awe of these murals. Even in Singapore, there are many doodles and wall murals too! We have spotted them in shopping malls and not forgetting Haji Lane! That will be for another day!

What’s your photography obsession?


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