Fabric Market in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

We were planning where to go in Hong Kong and was scouring through blogs and itineraries when we chanced upon Hey Kumo’s blog.

We followed her directions: Access: Take the train to Sham Shui Po station and exit via A2 towards Apliu market. Head straight (the direction) towards Ki Lung street, and you will find it!

However, the whole area from the Mtr exit to the stated place already had so many shops to detract us. In the end, we don’t even know if we have reached the correct place but we already spent hours and arms full of cloth.

2015/03/img_0907.jpg Not many shops sell fabric by the yard, most of them need to preorder of a day or two and only in bulk.

2015/03/img_0906.jpg Spot the fabric samples on the left side of the shop, those are for preorder only. But it’s okay, we went mad buying what we can buy. 😆

2015/03/img_0904.jpg Japanese inspired prints.

2015/03/img_0900.jpg Funky messy prints, good for patching and sofa cushions IMO.

2015/03/img_0899.jpg Very Muji feel kind of patterns, good for tea towels?

All these fabric were of good material and cheap! It’s about sgd$5 per yard. How not to buy?! But it was mad heavy.

2015/03/img_0901.jpg This would jazz up some plain top, what say you?


2015/03/img_0902.jpg Some other knick knacks we got, however no photography was allowed in most shops so no photos of the selection. It was mind boggling the selection that if you have no clear objective what you want it for and what you want to do with it, you wouldn’t be able to decide!

It is definitely a place to visit, even if you are not interested in fabric, they have shops full of buttons or charms, if that’s still not a reason to visit, well, it’s a good photography spot!

2015/03/img_0905.jpg See what I mean? Oh, do look out for upcoming diy projects with these fabrics!


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