D’Kranji Farm Resort Farmers Market

Ohpoppu went to the farmer’s market organised by D’Kranji Farm Resort over the weekend. We were tasked with helping our friend style her booth. It was quite a last minute task and we didn’t have much time to meet up to brainstorm, not to mention buy materials, so we made do mostly with what we had. 2015/03/img_0342.jpgWe chose to place raw materials Soap Paradise uses in her soaps to give it a natural and rustic feel. 2015/03/img_0357.jpgFree smells for all! 2015/03/img_0354.jpgDon’t the tops make them look like edible cakes? 2015/03/img_0355.jpgSoap Paradise featured on Her World. 2015/03/img_0399.jpg The colours were chosen to be light pink/ white and using mostly woody items to enhance her soap’s visual instead of clashing with it. We had very positive feedback and comments about our display and we are so proud of ourselves! It gives us even greater motivation to do even better. What’s a farmer’s market without fresh produce? 2015/03/img_0395.jpgSpreads and infused oils. 2015/03/img_0398.jpgJapanese cabbage, so huge and going at only $5, they were quickly snapped up. 2015/03/img_0397.jpgMushrooms from one of the nearby farms. 2015/03/img_0396.jpgFresh veggies for sale! Ps. The corn was super sweet and fat! This whole area is so rural and peaceful, it’s like you never knew such a place could exist in Singapore, if you have time over the weekend, bring your family and check out the different farms around the area, they have shuttle buses running. We loved the market, we loved the weather, we loved what we did and still love what we are doing and that’s most important right? Happy Monday all!


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