Happier Hour!

This event organised by Public Garden brought us back to Tanjong Pagar Railway station, which has been closed since 2011. However, fret not, it will be opened to public every public holiday from 20th Feb 2015 or you can visit like we did during special events!

The sun was setting when we arrived, and the event was just starting.

2015/03/img_9933.jpg Happier Hour held at such a nostalgic place must have matchy nostalgic visual system. How many of you remember this from your schooling days?

2015/03/img_9926.jpg And the shopping begins. Some hard to resist accessories by Foundry and Co. Loved the packaging in a glass bottle.

2015/03/img_9928.jpg An old school metal-mug-lookalike replica in ceramic brought in by The Wonder Folks.

2015/03/img_9931.jpg How do we resist the oh so cute/ sweet handmade crocheted reed sticks by Flipping Notes

2015/03/img_9932.jpg Alive and Live are closing down their shop so they were having a 5 pieces above at $4 each promotion, grab !

2015/03/img_9923-0.jpg What’s a trip to a railway station without the mandatory track shot ? We really enjoyed ourselves at the flea, not just the location but also inspired by many of the owners. Support handmade, support local!


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