[DIY] Monopoly Board Game

This is a personalised monopoly board game made for my recent short getaway to Melaka with the boy!

To make it relative to Melaka, I researched and added the places which we planned to go in each box. Whoever decides to buy the property will be the Boss and when we reach that actual place, the Boss will then foot the bill from that location.

If a player steps on a bought property, he or she has to take the devils card. As the name suggests, it is full of ‘punishment’ ideas. *evil grin* Like “Today is Massage Day, pay rental by giving the Boss a massage for 15mins.” or “Today is Butt-stick-to-chair-day, order the food for the Boss.” image
Since it’s your board, you can set your own rules, your places and personalize your design so it’s just One and Only. This board is simply hand drawn with some lines, give it some colour to make it interesting, personalize your own tokens and locations! image
This set is done in one night and anything goes really, you get to set your own rules! Happy making!

*ps If you’re feeling lazy, I found an app (apple / android) which is customizable version. Heh.


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