It’s a Piyo Piyo affair

Have a friend whose birthday is coming and you don’t know what to gift him/her? What about a cute handmade plushie of their favorite character?

Today, as the title suggests, we are making piyo! Here’s the link we got inspiration from, we loved their totoro plushie so much that we will be making one soon I think!

Let’s get our Piyo Piyo affair started!

Here are the materials you need..2015/02/img_9657.jpg

1. Download Piyo Piyo template
2. Yellow, Orange and Black Felt
3. Orange and Black Thread
4. Needle
5. Pins
6. Cotton
7. Scissors
8. Fabric Glue
9. Marker / Pencil

Step 1: Print and cut out the Piyo Template2015/02/img_9655.jpg

Step 2: Trace the template on felt with marker or pencil2015/02/img_9654.jpg

Step 3: Cut out pieces leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance for the body, legs and hands2015/02/img_9656.jpg Get all your parts ready and laid out making sure you don’t miss any.

Step 4: Use the fabric glue to stick the eyes, and mouth
Step 5: Sew 4 tiny stitches (2 on each side) on the cheek2015/02/img_9659.jpg

Step 6: Sew legs and hands on traced line leaving an opening at bottom for stuffing
Step 7: Turn pieces inside out and stuff each piece with cotton
Step 8: Take the back side of body and place down. Take the stuffed hands and place them upside down at the top of body. Align accordingly and pin pieces together2015/02/img_9658.jpg

Step 9: Here is the fun part! Turn body inside out and stuff. Remember to fill the bottom with more cotton so that it sits better
Step 10: Sew up openings on body and legs with orange thread using a hidden stitch
Step 11: Sew legs onto body using a whip or hidden stitch
Step 12: Tah dah! You are done! Give the Piyo Piyo a good hug!

2015/02/img_9660.jpgComplete with a self designed personalized card for that ultra special touch! If this doesn’t bring a smile to the receiver of the gift, I don’t know what would. Happy crafting!


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