Inspirational Monday!

Ride through your dreams-01How was the weekend for everyone? For us it’s been a weekend full of spring cleaning and finding more inspirations!

It’s been about 2 months since we started Ohpoppu. While we are glad that we finally took a step to actually do something, we are also struggling about what to post next, what to post to Instagram or Facebook, how should we phrase our posts, how should we take our photos?

And on top of that, time is a huge stumbling block for us, both of us are so caught up with our individuals lives, commitments that it is so hard for us to meet up for craft sessions, or just to discuss about our direction.

Yes, we are still not entirely crystal clear about our direction. We started Ohpoppu just because we like handcrafting things. Many have asked what’s Ohpoppu about, why do we do this, what do we want to get out of it? Pardon us if we haven’t been able to give you all a clear cut answer as well because we are just enjoying ourselves right now with the hope that we can inspire others to do so too, with just an easy craft, a handwritten card, we can brighten up someone’s day. The world can be such a better place!

We will continue to ride on and push through with Ohpoppu and bring to you all bigger better crafts! (And also get to get that end goal figured out 😉 )

Don’t stop believing unless your dream is stupid, then get a better dream. Watch a pep talk from a kid, inspiring and yet cuts through with his honesty.

Happy Monday y’all!


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