Inspirational Monday

Hello all! It’s Monday! Have you thought of what you can do better this week?

Some point in my life, I felt lost. Asking myself what do I really want in my life, how to keep myself motivated. Thus, I went through a coaching session with my friend, I was told to create a vision statement for myself, to ask myself what are the things that I’m lack of, or what do I really want to see myself in the next 3 to 5 years. I thought, nah.. this is the typical irritating interview question again, but I told myself, I got to be serious this time. At the age of 28, I have no time to lose. Something needs to be done. And so I found a little time at a quiet space, to ponder about it and come up with a sentence. After which, I think about the different elements that will lead to my vision.

And here comes the fun part, create a vision visual board! As a left brain person, I process my thoughts through visualization. You can print, cut, paste pictures that motivate you, that will lead you to your vision. And place somewhere that you be able to see it everyday! Of course, staring it everyday will not make a difference in your life, SEE it and work on it!

So here is my vision, do get started on yours! image


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