Crafty Wednesday!

Valentines day is not only for couples, it’s also to celebrate friendships. We at Ohpoppu, tried a new kind of packaging which is easy to make and super presentable for gifting!

You only need paper, scissors and washi tape, didn’t we say it was easy?
We used square origami paper from Daiso and cut it into half.
The paper needs to be twice longer on one side than the other.

Roll it into a cylindrical shape and connect the two short ends together with washi tape. Here comes the most difficult part of making this pyramid. Place the washi taped part in the middle and slightly press down one open end and tape it again.

There you are, almost done! It’s not so difficult afterall right? Since valentine’s day is round the corner, why not fill it with heart shaped chocolates or colourful candy?

Lastly to tape the last open end. We loved making this and the colourful origami paper made us even happier! It took us less than 5 minutes to make this, talk about a last minute gift wrapping idea!


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