[Travels] Kukup Weekend trip

We went for a short getaway to Kukup during the weekend, Kukup is a small fishing village in the southwest of Johor Bahru, it is a short distance, about 1.5 hours from Singapore depending on the traffic at the customs.

Kukup is ideal for families and large group of friends, not so much of a romantic couple getaway place as their accommodation are mostly bungalows with several bunk beds.

We got a deal for $98 sgd including transport to and from Singapore, 2 lunch, teabreak, dinner, travel insurance and accommodation. What a steal!

20150110_110014_1Clear skies and smooth traffic all the way.

20150110_110040_1Funky Motorbike

20150110_123008_1Keropok being sundried before frying. Yums.

20150111_102901_1Unexplanable serenity at Kukup, maybe for us urbanites, having nothing to do is a luxury in itself. Just looking at the mud skippers beneath and sun setting calms the mind a lot, it gives you a space to think.



Wishes written on the 孔明灯 in hope that it will come true.


20150110_113427_1Cooling off with a coconut pudding and colourful potong ice creams.20150111_120809_1 And spots the colourful pillars! Looks yummy! That’s about our little weekend trip. We definitely come back again to free ourselves from the city for a little while.


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