The 52 Weeks Money Challenge

Hello! We are still at the beginning of 2015, all the resolutions we made for the year are still on top of our heads, I know we have a long list both on a personal and Ohpoppu level.

We all know that savings is of utmost importance to us, so we looked around and found a reasonable and relatively easy plan. The 52 weeks challenge – year long!

So every week we are supposed to save $52 in decreasing order till we reach week 52 whereby we only need to save $1 (yay!). After 52 weeks we will have a grand total of $1379, how easy is that right? But of course if you can save more than $10 for the last 10 weeks, we say go for it!


We got this from Spoiltbytes’s 52 week money challenge , there is a free high resolution version for download. So head on over and print that out now!

2015 will be the year of changing bad habits into good ones, dare to challenge your limits!


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